What Happens When He’s No Longer “Cute”?

My 8 year old has Goldenhar Syndrome. It’s not a characteristic of the syndrome but he’s the size of a four year old. He’s developmentally delayed, mildly mentally disabled and has a speech impairment.

He’s accepted by classmates and teachers because he’s still cute and sweet. He loves giving hugs. Boys aren’t going to want to receive hugs from him forever.

I picked him up from daycare the other day and when I entered he made a screeching sound. I’m used to this. His classmates turn and look at him. Obviously, they’re used to it now but what happens when he enters a new class with peers that aren’t familiar with his quirks.

We walk the dogs, kids yell his name and wave. We go to Kroger and teachers tell him hi.

We’re at home and he makes his noises, asks me the same question 4 times and I answer or shrug it off. I’m used to it. It annoys others. I’ve had people ask me, why does he repeat his questions? Does he really not get it or accept your answer? I can’t answer that. All I know is if he needs to be told four times lunch is in an hour I’m telling him such. I put myself in his place. If I can’t retain what someone told me and lunch really excites me and it’s something I look forward to, I’d want to know when it is too. I’d want someone to have patience with me. He truly is one of the happiest people I have ever met. He has boundless energy. I wish more people understood and accepted this from everyone.

One thought on “What Happens When He’s No Longer “Cute”?

  1. And that’s all that matters! that you accept him and have patience and love him. he will always be cute to you! who cares what others think. I do know the world can be cruel but you will be there to help him handle those times. he will be strong by seeing your strength.. he sounds great.. And you are a great parent

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