Friday Morning Diet Mood

After royally screwing my diet Wednesday night because of beers and then a day of carnage yesterday including pancakes for dinner and an amount of Tootsie Rolls equivalent to all the points I’m allotted for a day, I decide to try my coffee with my favorite creamer. I’ve been missing it the last three days and thought I’d try a tablespoon (1 point) to see what it would taste like. One tablespoon was awful. I added a second equating to 2 points. Still horrible. Not enough creamer. What a great start to my day. Damn diet. I’ll stick with the 2 tablespoons of creamer for now and drink my next cup without. A life without a lot of creamer just ain’t worth living.

And to add to it my eye’s watering like a faucet. Jackson’s sniffling and coughing. I forgot what moving back to the Ohio River Valley would do to us. Gotta remember to pick up allergy meds today.

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