I’m hear to sing’s praises today. I got on, at the suggestion of my sister-in-law for job networking. It asks what groups you may be interested in joining. Having become pretty stationary since my move and especially since walking away from my job, I clicked the outdoors category in addition to work and addiction categories. I was prompted to join local groups. One was a hiking/walking group in the next small city over. I joined. Their next meetup was last night for a local 4 mile walk. I asked my mom to watch the boys and told her what I was doing and I’d return shortly.

I have to tell you I loved it. I felt so good getting the exercise but it was like an hour and a half of therapy. Ironically, all three of us moved here in September from other states. One woman was in her forties, another in her twenties, me in my thirties. The forty-something woman had also been through a divorce and was raising a boy. The youngest works in the community and was asking about possible job connections for me. The oldest also participates in Freedom Challenge hikes. I had heard about this as my aunt has participated a few times herself. I gathered her experience explained her inquisitive questioning about goals, our pasts and her motivating comments. I was very impressed and highly recommend anyone getting out of your comfort zone and taking a chance. The next walk is Wednesday and I’ve already asked my mom to watch the boys.

On the job front, by the way, a previous company I had interviewed with but was passed over for a woman with more real estate experience called me. The woman decided against the job and they want to call me back next week with an offer. I was also interviewing with a local company I’d rather work for that would also pay more but I haven’t heard back from them. If I get an offer we’ll see what happens. It might make for a good bargaining tool. Here’s hoping I have as good of luck in jobs next week as I did making friends this week.

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