Just Another Sober Thursday

Going on three weeks without a drink now. I’d like to say I’m thinner and my skin is clearer but I’d be lying. But I did watch YouTube videos of cute cows last night and couldn’t bring myself to eat meat all day:)

Now, to get through tomorrow. I had to make a doctor’s appointment. I had bilirubin in my urine during a recent urinalysis for a UTI. That could mean liver trouble. I pray everything is okay. It would figure that I find out I’ve hurt myself beyond repair right after turning my life around. We’ll see. Hopefully I’m just recovering inside and out, not becoming irreparable. I’d feel awful if I’ve done something so bad to make the boys parent-less at such young ages. Especially after all the times I could have hurt myself driving drunk all these years. Lord, my boys need a parent around.

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