I Drank

I went to the doctor Friday and the bilirubin was negative. I was worried for nothing. I was relieved and bought a six pack. I drank it. Saturday night was a date night. Two Kentucky mules at the restaurant and a tiny bit of bourbon before we called it a night and went to bed. And that was after dinner and an ice cream cone:) I bought a six pack Saturday to drink instead of the bourbon. I didn’t touch the beer Saturday but I drank 3 yesterday, opened the fourth but then poured it out. I was tired and ready for bed.

Today, I’m bloated, miserable and feeling sluggish. All I ate today was two pieces of toast with peanut butter, my two iced mocha drinks, a salad with dressing only, strawberries, a tangerine and a black bean and cheese burrito. And I broke down and bought a coke to try to settle my stomach.

I’m out of my thyroid medicine and gaining weight. I’m pissed. I’m tired of being fat, watching what I eat, not fitting in anything, bitching and complaining. Yes, I’m tired of myself. My probiotic isn’t working. My doctor recommended cocktail of Benefiber and Miralax isn’t working. Lots of water. Just gaining weight.

If anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “I Drank

  1. I like reading your blog. Your honesty inspires me.
    If your sobriety is important to you, don’t let a night out derail your goals. If you want to talk about it, email me at oppositeofnormal2018@gmail.com.
    I understand that your thyroid condition complicates things. I can only offer the things that have helped me acheieve long term, slow and steady weight loss (nearly 10 inches off my waist since 11/2016). I log everything I eat with 100% honesty, prep healthy meals, and enjoy an unhealthy snack if I want one as long as it doesn’t put me over my daily goals. I hope you feel better soon.


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