The Sober Diaries, Day 7

Sober: Day 7

Treadmill: none, started cleaning house at 7 am

Mindset: I wanted to tell you all about how sad I’ve felt today and how I’m trying to accept the fact I’m going to have sad days and I’m going to want to drink but I snapped myself the fuck out of it. I’m grateful. I look at these two boys. We’re healthy, they’re happy. I can’t say I am, but things are good for us.

I’m reading a book by a marine and with it being Memorial Day weekend I started feeling bad that I have never fought for our country or made great sacrifices. I felt guilty and a little ashamed.

It got me thinking, I’ve never been apart of anything great. I’m raising kids alone but lots of women do this and have it worse.

I’m going to complete my mindmap exercise my aunt suggested and just focus on what I can do one day at a time.

I’m grateful to all of those that served and serve. I hope you all spend the weekend with those you love.

I’ll also be honest. Still suffering from this breakup, watching everyone drinking and having fun today, I thought about grabbing some beer but didn’t.

I’ve got two more days to go.

Confession: I messaged him for closure. No response. I’m fucking pathetic.

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