My Sober Self

Weight: 149 lbs.

Treadmill: 30 minutes

Sober: 10 days

Mindset: happy

I’m down a whole pound. It’s about damn time. I say that but just had a little bit of ice cream.

We’re celebrating. Jackson got his hearing aid today. He’s elated. The look on his face when he had the hearing aid inserted and he heard noises. Amazing. Seeing him walk around the room tapping on walls, tables, toys, making noises, listening to them for the first time. It was priceless. I’m really hoping to see an improvement in his speech. Time will tell.

I’ve been noticing that his lower jaw sticks out quite a bit further than his upper jaw when he talks. I’m wondering if some of the problem lies there or if he’s used to just holding it that way.

I was around more drinking yesterday and remained sober. I’m proud of myself.

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