Good Day

Finally! I woke up after snoozing my alarm two or three times. I got us all ready. I race the boys to the door at daycare. I have energy!

I’m driving to work Avril Lavigne’s I’m With You is on my Spotify playlist of the day, and so is Missy Elliott’s Lose Control and an old Pussycat Doll’s Buttons which always reminds me of my friend’s wedding. Wait…am I starting off a good day? I dance in the car.

I go to the bathroom at work. I’m bouncing. I’m actually feeling good today! I can’t believe it. No grogginess, no tiredness, no lethargy. I can’t explain the reason for it but I’m feeling good.

What I wouldn’t give to feel like this everyday.

What makes you get up and going every morning? What do you do you when you feel like you have boundless energy? I’d be cleaning my house if I was at home. What songs bring back good memories for you? I reread Da Dip and got a little excited. It reminds me of a high school dance I went to.

On another note I started chatting with a guy online last night that started the conversation out asking about relationships. That should have been a red flag. He continued to message me long responses on what he wants from a woman. I’m messaging about his hobbies. I don’t know you. Jesus. He messages me goodnight. He tells me to message him in the morning. I get up, get going with morning things. He messages me he couldn’t wait he had to message me first, good morning. Omg. I sent Adam good mornings and goodnight’s. Did he feel I was super clingy and irritated? Was this an “expectation” of mine that didn’t align with his? He said we had different expectations in one of my desperate conversations with him.

Fergie’s London Bridge is on.

Am I progressing? Finally?

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