Heart Break

He was “legitimately intrigued” by me but could tell I wasn’t interested in him so we part ways. I ordered three books off Amazon and will be off online dating for at least the month of July.

I’m taking a Heart Break. Like the Lady Antebellum song I referenced on Facebook when I was with Adam. He probably knew what was coming when I posted that song but I didn’t and here I am.

July: treadmill, dieting, no bourbon (Yuengling Light only lol), no online dating, limit social media. Focus on my feelings and growth. Be bored, don’t pick up the phone. Be sad, read. Be happy, smile. Focus on the boys and myself. Binge watch TV if I need to. I never do that. Make new friends. Be a better friend to those I already know. Maybe it’s time to throw a housewarming party. Be social. Be myself without my phone.

Look like revenge. Look like regret. I’ve always gotten complimented on my butt…don’t cry over boys, do some squats and make them cry wishing they still had that ass. Gonna do it. Five o’clock comes early. I’m sorry I’m not sorry;)

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