Doctor’s Appointment

Had my follow up from my physical today. I was concerned with my EKG, everything gray related and my liver for obvious reasons. My cholesterol is high and given my family history he wants me on medication.

After that relief I told him about my concerns with my weight and my drinking. He asked how much I drank. I was honest. Mostly on the weekends. Not during the week? No usually. Do you think you have a problem? I could probably cut back. My friends think I bought have a problem. There’s a lot of calories in alcohol. There’s Uber so no need to drink and drive. He said. And my weight, he’s not concerned. I’m a point and a half over my ideal BMI. He said to cut back on my calories.

Whew. I overthink everything. Maybe I’m overthinking everything. Maybe I’m borrowing trouble. As my grandmother would say.

More things to add to my lifestyle change.

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