My Dog Dilemma

My lovely 14 year old Boston Terrier is an asshole. He loves to hike his little leg on my furniture. I’ve had to remove all rugs from my first floor because before the furniture, he and Molly my 15 year old mutt loved to pee on my rugs. I’ve gated off the upstairs because it’s all carpet. But that asshole has begun peeing on the bottom step where the carpet meets the flooring. The gate is on the bottom step and I have not way to section it off. So my corners of the bottom step are stained dog piss yellow.

Just know I sprayed Pledge on my coffee table. It highlighted paw prints. Now an asshole is climbing on the furniture. I can’t keep my house clean because of the kids and dogs and I can’t keep nice furniture because of them both.

But I’ll have you all know, I’ve awakened in a better mood than I was in yesterday. Today is going to be a good day. I feel it.

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