I Picked Up a Six Pack Last Night

Funny thing Friday, I got off work and didn’t pick up beer or bourbon. I didn’t feel like drinking.

My mom had a cookout at her house last night and I decided to pick up a six pack. I drank all of it because of a family quarrel. My mother’s exhusband was invited to the get-together. He once pointed a gun at her and my half brother and threatened to kill them. Yeah, everyone is fine with him showing up. I was out of beer and couldn’t tolerate much more so we left.

I thought about driving through the drive thru for another six pack. I turned in. When from the back seat I hear, “You’re not getting more beer, are you?” Said my oldest. That hit me. I said nope and drove through the parking lot to the exit. We went home and had a great night. It was quit, no TV, and we were together.

I’ve got a friend coming over later to swim. I could go pick up beer but I don’t want to. I’m not in the mood.

The last time I didn’t feel like drinking I was pregnant with my second child.

Lord, it could be an immaculate conception.

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