The Boys

I’m easier on Jackson. I realize that. He struggles more. I may not snap at him as quickly as I do Jake for annoying me. By annoying I mean hear “come here” a million times or “watch me” a hundred more. I’m annoyed, frankly mad, when Jake does something I’ve told him not to do. When Jackson does something again, I might let it slide.

I don’t know who I’m punishing. Jake for being the “typically developed child” or Jackson for being the disabled child? I’m probably hurting Jake’s feelings. I’m probably hurting Jackson’s development.

I struggle with this as I watched their father treat the boys differently. He not only favored Jackson because of his disability but admitted to liking Jackson more.

I expect more of Jake because he is “normal”. He should know better. He should retain knowledge and information.

I should have more patience with him. I’ll try to change how I react to him.

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