It was one week ago today that I took my last drink. I’m reading the Big Book and almost feel guilty that I’m not having as hard a time as it seems others have had it.

I stayed sober all weekend. I did get lonely and broke down and texted my sponsor Saturday. Ok, I cried a little. Because of the loneliness I would have drank. She told me to find a meeting or read the Big Book. I couldn’t find a meeting with babysitting so I read. I read a lot this weekend.

I did get back on Bumble. I can’t quit everything at once. That’ll just lead me to drink. I did put in my profile I don’t drink. Maybe that will help.

I got really discouraged Saturday as my sponsor didn’t text me back for hours. I was just seeking suggestions. I needed to let her know Saturday nights are usually drinking nights. I called two other women from a meeting and just heard back from one today. I thought, “This is great. What a program. So much for “call if you need anything.”

I drank a lot of sweet tea yesterday. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

I’ve maintained my weight and ordered a weight bench Friday. I’ll get it in 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to that. I’m going to supply myself with coffee before going home to workout. I might do the treadmill every once in a while but I’m thinking weightlifting would help me look how I want. I want to look and be strong not just skinny.

I’ve got my budget down for the rest of the year. I’m rebuilding my savings and paying down debt. I’m proud of myself. I go next week to see my counselor that I’m required to see for my meds. I’m slowly getting to a better place.

Oh and I’ve bought a pass to learn rockclimbing. That’s another reason I wanted the weight bench.. I need a hobby. Maybe I can get the boys interested.

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