Back on Bumble and chatting with a fellow for a few days now. I plan on attempting a sober date again Saturday as he wants to take me ot for my birthday.

He uses my name a lot in conversation. Finally I told him that the only time my exboyfriend ever used my name it was because he was annoyed with me or mad at me. Everytime he uses it I can’t help but think I’ve done something wrong. He said, “No, silly, I like your name.”

I thought my last relationship was good. How wrong I was. How broken I am.

I have so much to work on.

9th day sober, 1 lb. down, about to leave work and go get the boys. I’ll go home and workout then fix a dinner we all sit down at the table the eat.

I was a great mom before. I’m going to be a better one.

I was a great girlfriend before. I’ll be a better one, although I was pretty freaking good to him minus the drunken fights I picked. Oh one day when there next girl cheats on him again he’ll remember how good I was. Then he’ll remember how crazy I was and it’ll all balance out;) Not what you thought I was going to say, huh?

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