Day Thirteen

I’m feeling exhausted every day. I’m eating everything. I’m lonely.

I had a health scare. My first ever abnormal pap smear. I had an additional test done today. It just need l needs to be repeated in a year.

I went back on birth control to calm cramping and regulate myself. I think that’s the reason behind eating everything in sight.

Loneliness. I’m reading about this now in Living Sober. A reason I drank was to escape this feeling of loneliness. I would drink and not remember be lonely. Now I’m sober remembering lonely.

My memory sucks too.

My house is filthy. I napped Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t felt like working out. I can feel myself getting fatter which is very discouraging considering I thought I’d be losing weight.

But it’s only been 2 weeks. I’ll give it some more time.

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