Friday Family Fun Night

We spent last night at the local baseball game, the Louisville Bats. The boys enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, Cracker Jack, snowcones, ice cream and a firework show. Te Bats even rallied and won the game in the 9th. It was a great day! We came back home and watched a little bit of tv then went to bed. I slept until noon. I don’t believe I’ve done that since before kids.

I did have some beers last night. I didn’t get drunk by any means but now I just feel guilty drinking. I thought about the money I was throwing away on it, but then again I fed my kids crap all night…but I still feel guilty for drinking.

I’m thinking not drinking is less stressful than drinking. I’m not spending money I can’t afford to spend, not ingesting the calories, not living with guilt.

Why can’t I be normal?

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