To Lose Weight, To Gain It All

I went grocery shopping Friday. Watched what I ate this weekend. I woke up early this morning to fix a healthy lunch and get the kids off to school on time in something less than a panic.

Yesterday I got out some winter clothes for this 60 degree weather. I can’t fit into my pants.

I reset my sobriety tracker.

This morning I also weighed myself.

160 lbs.

I’ve never weighed so much not pregnant. Friday I vowed. Today, I’m doing. I am done!

Instead of believing I’m meant to be this size and my body won’t change I’m going to make it.

I’m off dating websites. I’m talking to a nice guy I actually had a lot of fun out with the other day. I can’t afford to buy new clothes so I have to do something! My mood’s improving. I’m over Adam. Oh, and I got a second job. I’m hoping to play off the 2 credit cards I have and possibly get new flooring. I’m also hoping to meet people and maybe find a new friend or two.

My 20 year high school reunion is next year. My hair is growing out. Why not diet, work out and feel better and look better by this time next year? I have nothing stopping me and everything going for me. Yes, I’m starting over again, again, again. But this time I’m starting over again! Here’s to millionth chances. And I’m not quiting drinking. I even changed my tracker to read I’m quiting to lose weight. I’m not going to try to stay sober for the rest of eternity. I can’t quit while thinking that way. This time, I’m losing weight and want to feel better. But if I want a few drinks this weekend I don’t want to live with the guilt either.

No drinking and driving.

No random men.




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