Day 5, Again



I know it’s probably water loss and I did have a bout of stomach issues Saturday, but I’m down 3 lbs. This just makes me more excited and a greater incentive to keep going!

Today proved to be a challenge as Jake had soccer practice and Jackson had drum lessons and there’s only one of me! But I asked my mom to take Jackson to his drum lesson. Plus, I wanted to get in a walk.

Well, I did. Two. On the treadmill at 5 this morning and again after getting home with both boys. Still working on that running thing.

I’m heating up a frozen dinner, lol.

Later this evening:

Jackson read to me at dinner. Jake refused to eat his and talked back to me. I sent him to bed. He’ll get his bath in the morning but he wasn’t listening to his coach today. He doesn’t listen to me. I’m sure he doesn’t listen to his teachers. I’m tired of it. We had a talk. I mean I called him out at practice like 5 times.

Things are going to change. I’m changing a lot of things, they can too. I want to be treated better. I want respect. I want them giving every adult their attention and respect.

I sometimes feel like we’re all roommates instead of mother/sons. We’ve all been thrown into this situation where their father died and we’re just surviving day-to-day.

I wonder if they’d treat their father this way. I wonder if he’d be abusive towards them.

Yes. A lot things are going to be changing.

Confession: I did eat the hell out of Tootsie Rolls when I got home from work. They’re not that terrible.

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