Day 7, Again

Not sober. Finished my bottle of wine I bought yesterday.

This morning, woke up early, put 10 minutes in on the treadmill. Yes, only 10 minutes. My heart rate’s not getting up high enough on that thing. I exercised with some weights for a few more minutes after getting off the treadmill, I snoozed a half hour so I didn’t give myself enough time.

Healthy, frozen meals for lunch and dinner. Fruits for snacks. A salad at lunch.

A bottle of wine after work.

Ok, so that doesn’t need to happen often. I just want to fit into my pants!!! I fit into 4 pairs from last year…I have a lot of pants.

But I get to buy more at a discount at my second job starting Friday:)

I got a call from Jackson’s endocrinologist today, I hit her bill for an office visit today…it’s 398 after insurance, she said Jackson is deficient in HGH, by insurance standards he should qualify for HGH injections. I’m worried about how much the insurance won’t pay. I’m worried about side effects. I’m worried about him holding still for a shot every day. I’m worried about giving him a shot every day. I’ve done this before but it was easier when he was four years old.

His birthday is tomorrow. Nine. I can’t believe it.

I’m so thankful for him. He thanked me for buying milk there other day so I think he appreciates me some of the time.

I may weigh myself tomorrow for the hell of it. I may want to spare myself the disappointment.

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