Day 8, Again

I broke out the weights again yesterday morning.

My food game wasn’t on par because I had a higher calorie lunch and dinner than I have been. We’ll see how that effects me.

Didn’t get a run, soccer games have started. It was work, a quick dinner, game, homework, baths, bed. And I go to bed early… like 930 early. I went to bed at 9 in anticipation of a long day today. But I still woke up at 5 lol. It’s not even 6 am and the boys are up too. We’re morning people lol:)

Jackson seemed to have a great birthday. Sounds like school and day care celebrated with him. I took cookies to his class yesterday morning. He came home with 3. I had one to celebrate.

Second job starts tonight. My fear is I start depending on fast food on breaks and in between jobs. I’m going to have to stash turkey sandwiches.

I didn’t work out this morning. I’ll probably regret it but I wanted a break.

Tomorrow: soccer game at 9 am, store, pick up cake, clean up the house, 2 PM birthday party, then the boys go with my mom so I can go to work at 9 Sunday morning.

Oh! Jackson’s deficient in HGH. His doctor’s office is trying to see about insurance coverage. All this after I got a bill for three endocrinologist office visit was $398 after insurance. Looks like my second job will pay off. Looks like I’m not going to put it where I wanted it to go all along. Ugh. He’s worth it. I just hope if he does get the HGH Jackson will tolerate the shots…omg it’s already worrying me. It took 3 of us for the IV. I’m thinking of giving it to him in his sleep. Dear God, I hope it works out.

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