Day 15, Again

Hello, there!

So apart from the wine I’ve done pretty well thus far this week. Oh, and some ice cream. I weighed myself this morning and still at 156. Ugh. I wanted to be one more pound down at least. I still have the weekend.

I think I’ll pick up some wine tonight, lol. Just because it’s Friday. I need to do a little bit of cleaning tonight. Jake has a soccer game tomorrow morning and I work at 12. My aunt is spending the night tomorrow night so sure can watch the boys Sunday for me. I open and work till 2.

I got paid from my new job today. It was only for 4 hours. It’s almost laughable but I’ll take it.

I’m waiting to hear of Jackson’s hgh has been approved. Genotropin is out. I guess insurance wants to try him on something more generic. I’m waiting to see how much it’ll cost me. I’ve got the rest of the year budgeted and any deviation will screw me up. We’ll see.

Did I tell you all Saturday night guy wants to see me AND other women, since he travels for work. I guess that entitles him? Wtf. I don’t know why I try. I really don’t.

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