Day 18, Again

156 lbs. Maintained, can’t be mad.

Three beers yesterday and I bought a 12 pack.

I’m lonely. Very lonely. I’m working my second job, have little free time and I’m missing my Tennessee friends and having a boyfriend to vent to or even get a hug from.

Saturday at my second job, a man came up behind me to thank me for helping him and he touched my shoulder. I was suddenly taken aback because I want expecting a touch and I was surprised at my reaction. Then I wondered how long it has been since I’ve felt a wanted touch. I couldn’t remember.

I’m getting tired of worrying about money, how much Jackson’s hgh is going to cost me, just everything.

My psychiatrist took me off propranolol. I think it’s making me anxious again. I can take it as needed but haven’t wanted to. I think I might have to take one occasionally. When did we grow up and life get so complicated?

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