Another FB Love

So, while fearing my Facebook memories the next few months today’s revealed a fear of a different love. Jeremy. We had even looked at houses together and talked about eventually getting married. He told me on many occasions he wanted to help me raise the boys and that he loved them.

Jeremy was an alcoholic that let his 17 year old son drink at home. I didn’t agree with this but it continued to happen. I decided I didn’t want to put up with Jeremy’s drinking any longer and definitely didn’t want to raise my boys in a house where drinking at 17 was permitted. They’ll just have to do what most kids do and sneak around me to drink.

He was really good with the boys. He lived an 1 hour and 15 minutes away. Our first date was 2 days before Jeff died. I had to cancel our second date because of his passing. Jeremy offered up help in any way. Reminding me he raised a daughter that was not his own for a few years while her mother lived with another man.

What about this time of year… nevermind, it’s cuffing season!

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