My Nightstand

Jake’s Jesus book…check

Jake’s shinguards…check

My beer…double check

Jackson’s Junie B book…check

Dry feet lotion I forget to apply every night…not really a check

Tshirts, a Star Wars character encyclopedia, AA books.

Oh! All the irony but the truth.

My life in one shot.

Oh, especially because I’m hating this bedroom suit I bought earlier this year and that lamp from Target went with my old furniture and I tried to sell it but it’s smaller than typical bedside lamps to match my old low platform bed that no one would buy after seeing it, even though I put the measurements in the ad, fuck you all kind of reminder lamp.

This is really how my brain works. And this is even slower because I’ve been drinking.

#recovery… I’m changing to #living because I’m not perfect, I’ve cut back on the emotional drinking and I’m fine. Got a clean bill of health from my doctor today. So #living

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