I’m trying to sleep tonight but my heart is racing. My mind is racing from thought to thought but one stays constant, I hate you.

I’m sure you’ve moved on now and are in the arms of someone else you think is deserving of you but I want you to know:

I hope she eats you alive. How dare you treat me the way you did? Blindside me. After months of confiding in you, sleeping with me you just dump me over the phone. You pathetic coward.

I don’t want you back. Would never want you back. I just want you to apologize for lying to me then hurting me. Lying in my bed for months, using me. Pretending to care then one day dump me. Over the fucking phone. I hope you get what’s coming. You deserve it.

I hope one day you’ll look back and regret being so mean and letting me go. I was good to you. I was too good for you. I was too nice, too kind.

You’re going to get hurt. You’re going to feel really bad one day. And I’m going to be loved, as much as I loved you by someone better than you in every way. Because you don’t deserve shit. You don’t deserve anything good happening to you.

Stay a piece of shit. Stay selfish and bad at so many things.

I wish I’d never met you.



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