Rearing its ugly head, I’ve got a case of jealousy looming. The stay at home mom across the street with a teenager and a third grader. His and her Lexuses. The love in mother in law to watch the youngest whenever she wants to leave the house. The boob job. She sits outside and smokes cigarettes all day.

My friend with the new paid for vehicle her fiance bought her. She’s completely debt free. Wish I was.

I’ve squandered away debt in material things and medical bills. I’ve fed us with credit cards. I’ve bought school clothes with credit cards.

I don’t make enough money now to pay much more than the minimum payment. I don’t see myself ever getting out of debt. It fucking sucks what I’ve done to ourselves. Another reason to commit suicide when ii’m thinking of it.

One thought on “Jealousy

  1. I know it’s easy to feel jealousy towards those who appear to have their shit together, but no one has a perfectly charmed life. Just some people hide it better then others. 😊. Hang in there. You’re not alone.


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