I’m Getting Over a Heartbreak

I’m getting over a heartbreak. It’s been a struggle. The “what’s wrong with me’s” and the “why not’s”. I’ve been sad, very sad. I’m been hurt. I’ve been lied to. I’ve been trusting. I’ve been mad. I’ve been bitter. I’ve been exhausted. I’ve been thankful. I’ve been hopeful. I’ve been happy.

I know not to settle any longer. I was doing that. I was accepting less than I wanted and deserved.

I know I was not a great person at the time. Drinking too much. Staying at home. Sad about my move and job choices. I drank to escape. He drank too. Together, we drank a lot.

I realize I need someone that’s going to encourage me to be a better person. Not bring me down. I need a good role model and influence for the boys. A red flag is when they don’t even have a good relationship with their own children.

I’ve been naive and stupid.

Now I’m sane and stable. Happy and hopeful. I don’t need a man. I don’t want to settle. I want to be the best me and I want to help others now. I’m moving on.

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