Christmas Past

Well, that’s over.

Jake was sick Saturday morning. Jackson got sick Christmas morning. So he and I started home from the holiday festivities at my mom’s house. My aunt picked Jake up on the way. They brought back presents and food:)

Overall, the boys had a great day. They got almost everything they wanted.

My mom brought me over some presents to open on Christmas morning so I got a few things.

I was helped out by 2 churches this year which has me rethinking my thoughts on religion and God.

Jackson’s medical bills from this year alone total 4k. My great aunt delivered food and $100 dollars to help me out.

The local baptist church had a toy drive. I was asked to partake in the giveaway. I got lots of presents, stocking stuffers, school supplies, books and even wrapping paper all for $20. I was escorted around by a volunteer. She hugged me at the end. I had to turn around and leave. I cried the whole way back to my house.

I can’t believe people are so nice and giving.

I looked at the presents I had wrapped for the boys and was going to give them before adding the church’s presents. They didn’t have much. I’m glad I took the church up on their offer.

The boys thanked me and Santa 10 times yesterday. I’m raising grateful boys. I hope to tell them about this Christmas when they get older.

In the meantime, I think we’ll be going to church.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I hope New Year’s is great for everyone too. I’ll write more on the new year later:)

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