The moment when you bring up your irrational behavior and hate of yourself, the admission of not sleeping three nights because of fever anxiety offset by sleeping for hours during the day in a depressive mood and you mention just the title of the book your therapist recommended you read and both friends say, “Oh, you’re borderline” that suddenly everything clicks. Everything clicked. I’m almost certain I have and my doctor and therapist believe me to have borderline personality disorder.

If only this realization made me easier to love.

Handsome Pants

I want an apology. I want an “I’m sorry for dating you for over 6 months and breaking up with you over the phone”. I’m sorry got continuing to sleep with you when I no longer had feelings for you. I’m sorry I cheated on you. I have proof, want to know, call me, we’ll chat. I’m sorry for saying you were the biggest person you ever dated then dumped. For lying to me. Got saying I was a catch then dumping me. I just want an apology so I can move the fuck on.

I won’t even tell you about what a piece of shit you are. I won’t mention that I wish I’d never met you. I won’t mention that my kids ask about you. That I want my door fixed. That I want all the things you’d mentioned you’d do for me done like painting the trim, fixing my floor, digging up roots in my yard. I want all of those nearly 7 months back so I can give them to someone who really cares about me because clearly you didn’t.

So fuck you and everything about you.

Sober as fuck right now. Bitter as hell.

Who’s God Allows This to Continue?

God. Why do people claim he exists and that he has a plan for each of our lives? What kind of god has a life planned our for each of us that might include molestation, rape, murder? The same God you pray to to help you make it to your meeting in time?

We’ll send thoughts and prayers. The same prayers that allow you to pass English tests in high school? What do thoughts do? Bring someone back? In my mind I’ve thought about preventing every massacre that has occurred…did my thoughts stop this one? Will they stop the next?

We need gun control. We won’t say that or do that because president is plain monetarily and judiciously by the NRA and gun supporters everywhere. I’m not saying rid everyone of guns.

I’m just curious about what God allows children, male and female, to be raped? Molested? Murdered? Anyone to be raped or murdered, tortured or harassed?

Maybe the hypocritical conreconregations has led God astray. His followers sinning, lying in the name of Him. Maybe what humanity has become has made him powerless.

I’m fucking sick of it. If one of my children dies in a massacre, a shooting, so help me “God” hell will be paid.