Fuck You, Adam

Dear Adam,

Today’s the last day I think about you. Today’s the last day I allow myself to feel less than everyone else. Insecure. Flawed. Imperfect. Little. Not good enough. Not pretty enough. Not nice enough. Today’s the last day my heart hurts that you left me, dumped me over the phone like the full grown pussy of an Army reserve captain you are. You cheated on me and I have proof.

You’re probably at the Tyler Childers concert tonight. You’re probably with her.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. I’m done.

They Call You Mr. Personality Because You’re So Ugly

Yes, you’re lack of a personality. I’m blaming myself all this time for why you dumped me when it was you the whole time.

NO personality. My friends texting me, why are you dating someone so ugly? He’s not ugly, he’s awesome!

Why did you cheat on me? I know you did because I got an infection from you. Have to take an antibiotic. The same time she showed up in your doorstep. Amazing.

Had to go to the doctor for it. An antibiotic. Go. Fuck. Yourself. And. That. Whore. Who. Gave. You. The. Infection.

Fuck you.

I Know Why It Hurts

You betrayed me. I know you must have cheated on me. And I know, just ask me how. Sleeping with me then leaving me in the same week is beyrayal. Breaking up with me over the phone after 7 months is cowardly. Calling someone a catch then leaving them is rude.

You deserve an irritating STD or bed bugs. Something you fucking, cheating asshole.

I sometimes think of the future. Wondering if, ever again, there will be someone lying next to me in bed I can’t wait to make love to again. You know the kind. You wake them up in the middle of the night because you want them or you feel them touching you. They want you. Oh! To feel that wanted again. Not just sex. Not just a needy fuck. A sweet passionate love making. Sex at bedtime. Sex upon waking. The touching. The leg patting in public. The pecks on the cheek. The long second date kisses. You’re familiar with them now. You kiss them the way they want. The way you want it.

I wonder if I’ll ever have that again. I hope you can still experience this in heaven. It’d be awful to only experience this on Earth.