Ugh, I’m Done

I’m drinking my last bottle of bourbon. My boyfriend was supposed to come over tonight but won’t because he assumes we’ll fight again. Here’s what I know. That hurt my feelings. Really bad. And if he has to stay away when he only thinks I’ve been drinking he’s either a royal dick or right. Or…Read more »

I Drank

I went to the doctor Friday and the bilirubin was negative. I was worried for nothing. I was relieved and bought a six pack. I drank it. Saturday night was a date night. Two Kentucky mules at the restaurant and a tiny bit of bourbon before we called it a night and went to bed.…Read more »

I’m hear to sing’s praises today. I got on, at the suggestion of my sister-in-law for job networking. It asks what groups you may be interested in joining. Having become pretty stationary since my move and especially since walking away from my job, I clicked the outdoors category in addition to work and addiction…Read more »

Anxiety Amass

My anxiety is bad but better because of my meds. However, as I search for a job I’m becoming more anxious over how I’ll perform in a new role. I reminded myself today that I’ve called Senator’s offices. I’ve spoken before a hundred people. I’m trying to figure out why I’m “borrowing trouble” and panicking.…Read more »