Lonely but

I started feeling lonely just now and missing Adam. But then I remember laying in bed next to him most nights wondering if I could live that way, no cuddling, he paid little interest in me, touched me little, other things I would have settled with. I got over it. I will find better. If…Read more »

$300 Michael Kors bag, Target hat to protect this pale skin and hundred dollar hair dye. Empty beer cans that warrant a trip to recycling. Cholesterol pills. Sigh. I’m feeling very old and sad. And I’m blogging like a little bitch. I need to improve my friendships or find a man. To save you all.

I’ll remove the stumps from your landscaping. I’ll paint the trim. I’ll replace the door jamb. All lies. Can I put all of the above in an online dating profile? That’s all I need. And now my door is off its track. I’m so used to lies, a guy called me pretty today and asked…Read more »